Leisure Centre Sound Consultants

Project: Sands Leisure Centre
Client: GT3 Architects
Project Value: £19m

The project focuses on the replacement of the city’s James Street pools and expansion of the Sands Centre, which is an entertainment hall also used for sports. Pace Consult continuously worked throughout all the design stages in order to establish a fabulous acoustic environment for the end users. Noise and reverberance control solutions were provided in the most cost-efficient and sustainable manner. Challenges had been risen but were successfully dealt with: A tricky vertical adjacency of a very noisy fitness suite with sensitive medical treatment rooms underneath was tackled by providing an innovative solution involving the isolation of the floor/ceiling structure for shock impact. The large volumes of the Pool Hall, Sports Hall and Street carried a risk of excessive reverberance and noise build-up potential. Various material configurations were tried and acoustically modelled, in order to come up with a solution that promotes cost efficiency, sustainability, locally sourced materials and ease of construction – always in close collaboration with the architects and contractors.