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A 20MW energy storage project co-located with gas/diesel-fired generation, to be completed in March 2020, will deliver millions of pounds in revenue from balancing services to the national transmission network.

The Noriker Power Staunch project will be completed for Hazel Capital, which recently awarded the EPC contract to METKA EGN and will use 40 LG Chem batteries installed alongside the fossil fuel generation assets in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The project won a two-year firm frequency response (FFR) contract with National Grid, which is expected to deliver c. £2.6 million (US$3.26 million) in revenues for each of the two years contracted.

The project, expected to cost £9 million to complete, is intended to deliver over £10.3 million from FFR and capacity market payments alone, in addition to Triad and other revenue streams.

Pace Consult’s role in this project was to model the noise output of the diesel side of the project to neighbouring properties. The site is in a semi-rural area where the potential for noise intrusion and loss of amenity was high. Pace Consult worked with Noriker to assess the noise emission and remotely record noise from the diesel systems. Pace could then advise on the noise output of the systems and advise reductions and mechanisms to achieve this to the client. This project is just one of many renewable schemes Pace Consult is active on for Noriker.

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