St Agnes Primary School

Architect Robinson
Contractor Willmott Dixon Construction
Completed 2016

Client Brief
Willmott Dixon Construction commissioned Pace Consult to deliver a full acoustic design brief for the new St Agnes Primary School in Manchester. As the building incorporated a revolutionary sustainable solid timber panel structure, Pace had to ensure it achieved BB93 compliance while keeping construction time and budget to a minimum.

Project Scope
As part of the Manchester Schools Framework, St Agnes Primary School bene ted from a new building, which spanned three storeys and incorporated classrooms, a sports hall and a nursery. While its solid timber panel structure had been proven to simplify construction, as a brand new concept, there was no historical data to demonstrate that BB93 standards would be met.
To overcome this, Pace conducted a detailed theoretical review of the construction and was able to con rm ahead of the build that the required acoustic performance could be achieved. Following on from detailed design, Pace took the project through site supervision to on-site completion testing.

Extremely responsive and proactive, Pace were not fazed by the absence of reference points when conducting calculations and making recommendations. By adopting a practical approach, they were able to deliver accurate and reliable design guidance, seeing this through to completion on-site.

Iain Geldard, senior design & build coordinator, Willmott Dixon Construction