Pembury Circus in Hackney

Pembury Circus is a mixed use development containing 268 flats, a community hall, a nursery and some shops, including a branch of the Co-op. Nearly half of the flats - 119 of them - are designated "affordable" of some kind, which is an unusually high proportion.

There is no provision for car parking on the site, other than a few bays for disabled people and a car club. It is a high density development, though the block that forms the highest part is not, at 12 storeys, particularly tall. It is heated from a low carbon energy centre and it is "permeable" - which basically means you can walk or cycle all the way through it to connect with the surrounding area - and it is striking to look at, with different blocks built in different styles in an effort to fit in with neighbouring older buildings. Pembury Circus has attracted plaudits from a clutch of housing and design organisations and recently won the Best Mixed Use Development Award from the prestigious Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF).