LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Tankers

Pace Consult Ltd can provide noise and vibration analysis of machineries, and surrounding environments within various vessels including Cruise Ships, Ferries, LNG tankers, and Pilot vessels.

We are also able to offer noise and vibration analysis including mitigation advice for offshore installations and production platforms.

Our services also include the following:
· Prediction and measurement of STI (Speech Transmission Index) for open areas, Public Address assisted areas
· Reverberation time prediction and measurements in acoustically sensible areas including performance areas.
· Occupational noise and vibration.
· Passenger ships separating structure consultancy and design.
· Machinery noise assessment including real time mechanical services preventive maintenance, Swimex machines / Surfing machines etc.

Pace Consult Ltd can certify the noise and vibration levels against relevant International Standards and/or client requirements with the UK or overseas.

We can provide acoustic and vibration calculation and modelling using Industry leading software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to prevent noise and vibration transmission and noise radiation to acoustic sensible areas within new vessels or new fit outs.